Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm so bad!

Halloween was sooo much fun! So much fun, that I forgot to take pictures. :( I have a few but not as many as I would have liked. And I didn't know there was something on the lens of my camera phone. so the pictures are a little fuzzy. So as costumes go we finally settled on Nico as the Lion Caden was when he was almost 2. Caden was happy being Christians Transformer Bumble Bee costume. The only problem with that was he didn't want to wear the mask so I am sure no one even knew what he was. Oh well. And Christian chose Lego Boba Fett. Christian and Caden have taken a real liking to anything Star Wars. Especially Lego Star Wars. But unfortunately they do not make those costumes in the store so I had to make one. You can barely see Christian standing under the red #17 shirt. It was made with boxes painted in the colors for Boba Fett and then I made jet packs out of boxes, cans and paper for the back. No one except extreme Star Wars fans knew who he was. It was kind of fun to hear all the crazy guesses. 

After hitting a Trunk or Treat we went to our friends neighborhood to go door to door, then headed home to count candy! What a great night! Now on to Thanksgiving. 

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