Saturday, June 15, 2013


Someone had a birthday!!! Yes, I realize I said I would post more often and this post, yet again, is a few weeks late but as they say, better late then never. :)

Well what a birthday!! I of course had to work that day so it was busy to say the least. But "Thor" didn't seem the least bit worried. As you can probably tell we had an Avengers theme and this year, "Thor" decided to bring his friends to the bowling alley! This great new place in Greensboro called SPARE TIME made the party an extra special day I must say. It helped to have a host be there to help the birthday party along and to have all the paper goods and decorations supplied. It is a bowling center unlike any I have been to, fit with a VIP section with couches and Laser Tag right inside the facilities.

All the kids had such a great time bowling and spending there 5 tokens that come with the party package. And stuffing there faces full of pizza and cake! And thank goodness for a dear friend and owner of ALL 2 SCRUMPTIOUS CAKES for making the most amazing cake ever!!! It had edible stickers on the sides that were 3D when you looked at them through these super cool superhero glasses! It was amazing, on top of the fact that her cakes not only look amazing but taste amazing too! Real buttercream frosting. MMMMMM like homemade straight out the kitchen!!

So thank you to all the family and friends who came and gave presents and gifts! He had one heck of a super hero day!! (Hopefully my thank you cards will get out before the end of the month.) 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

AND THE WINNER IS...........

Ok this was an old post that I had started a month or so ago but never finished or posted. I had trouble with uploading the video of the boys. So as I return to update this blog, I find that all the video and pictures I took are missing. :( BUMMER! Here is the post anyway. I wrote it so I might as well post it. Who needs photos and video anyway. We have our IMAGINATIONS!! 

It was homeschool field day last week last month. I have to say, it was a bit of a challenging day but for the most part, a successful day. Christian and Caden participated in quite a few events. There happened to be 58 kids total. We learned a lot about not giving up and how awesome it is to finish something you started. (Maybe that last part was for me.) Everyone received the classic "participation" ribbon. Caden was the only one to actually come in 3rd in an event.....The Flamingo Stand. In the 7 years old and younger group, only 7 children remained standing after trying their best at all the previous events. So standing on one leg, Caden takes the bronze white 3rd place ribbon! I did not get a chance to take a picture of the ribbons. At that point we were all tired and just wanted to head home. But I did get some great video of the action. The 50 yard dash and the Potato Sack race. See if you can spot the boys. You may even hear a bit of my yelling  cheering so I suggest you keep the volume slightly turned down.*

*and this is where you insert your IMAGINATION.......

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!