Friday, March 11, 2011

Stitches! What?

Of my 3 boys I never thought my first time with stitches would be with my youngest. I figured stitches would be in my future, just not yet with the youngest. But sure enough the time had come for stitches. Poor Nico. He just loves to stand in the bath tub. But mom wouldn't be a good mom if she let him do that. :) So I told him to sit down. Which Nico did without a blink but as he did, holding the side of the tub, his hand slipped and his chin hit the side, and tears began flowing. I thought he bit his tongue since I didn't see any blood right away. I pulled him out of the tub and held him for awhile til he calmed down and then laid him down to put a diaper on and that's when I saw the split. A huge deep split in the folds of his chin. But he was a trooper! He dealt with the stitches for 5 days and then quietly let the Doctor take them out. He's much better now and you can't even really see the mark. At least he did a good job with placement. :)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Official....I do not look like a girl!

So he had enough! Can you guess who? "I don't want to look like a girl. Let's just cut my hair now." I just ignored it since we were out running errands. But then a few hours later I hear, " Mom you said we were going to cut may hair. Let's do it right now!" So off to the bathroom we went to cut the hair. I made sure he knew that once it was cut there was no putting it back on. He said ok. And the rest is history. Now all he cares about is the money Grandpa promised him months ago if he cut it. :)

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