Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Picking does family memories make.

I love when it is time to pick apples. It is my sure sign fall is here. Sometimes in NC it is hard to see the leaves change color like they do in CT. Most of the leaves here just go from green to brown with no hint of color first. So when apple picking comes, any doubt of fall being here goes right out the window. This is the first year we were able to go apple picking here. After a crazy morning of finding out the original place I found on the Internet was actually 3.5 hours away instead of the 1.5 hours I thought it was, we picked APPLE HILL ORCHARD & CIDER MILL. And a good choice it turned out to be. 

The drive was great. When we arrived it was nice and busy, a good sign my dad would say. We went up to the barn and received our baskets and headed to the rows of Granny Smith. Our only hiccup was there were no more wagons left so the walk back with all the apples was a bit of a workout with 3 little ones to say the least. But they were troupers. 

They loved grabbing the apples and trying to find the biggest ones. Nico just loved trying to run in the rows. His new found freedom of walking was exercised very well in the rows at the orchard. After we picked all that we literally could carry (which turned out to be 1 bushel) we headed back to pay for the apples and get us some apple cider, apple cider slush for the kids, and a few .50 apple donuts. MMMMM those were good! 

And then after we were rested up and had our snack we head for some pictures and back to the van so I could get working on an awesome apple pie for Chris' birthday. He doesn't like cake so I am glad I can make a pretty good apple pie. Nothing like my Great Grandmother DD's pie but I love that every time I make a pie (apple or pumpkin) I always think of her. She made the best pies. So see, apple picking does make for some great family memories, new and old.

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Heather said...

I too love apple picking it is a fun time. Wait til the boys start climbing into the trees to get the apples Nico is too cute and walking?! whoa now you are in trouble

Nikki said...

I know! and as soon as Nico got walking it was like, nope, time to run! great....