Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 4th!

For July 4th we had a wonderful weekend just hanging out at our house. We did plenty of play in the backyard with water and lots of cooking out on the grill. We all went to the Jamestown Parade where Christian and Caden had a blast watching all the old cars. And we were even lucky enough to see a train go by right behind us. It did scare Caden a little but after it past he just wanted to see it again. That night we set up our 4 person tent in the backyard. We made smores then watched the fireworks in NY on tv and then headed to the tent for a little camp out. All the boys slept like babies except mom of course. Light sleeper I guess but all the neighborhood fireworks kept me awake. I almost gave up but decided to watch them from my porch until it quieted down a little. What Fun!