Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know, I know! I am way behind! December came and went. It was just too busy with birthdays and Christmas and Ladies Teas! But my hopes for this new year are to be up-to-date on my posting.   So to bring everyone up to speed. Dec brought Christians 4th Birthday! We just had a small party here at the house with a few of his close friends. The theme was his favorite Transformers Animated. We played transformer match (like pin the tail on the donkey) and transformer hide and seek and ate plenty of ice cream cake. Then before we left for Philadelphia we celebrated Jesus birthday with our own party and opening some Christmas presents early. (Less to take with us on our 8 hour road trip!) The boys had a lot of fun but not sure they cared about anything but presents! And more presents awaited us at Grandma and Grandpa Valles house! Santa made sure to visit us and he brought everything Christian asked for and more! We even were able to visit the big apple, New York City! Christians favorite part was going to Toys R US. He didn't quite like the big Jurassic Park T-REX but soon got over it when he realized it wasn't going to hurt him. Grandma even let him pick out a toy to bring home. Then it was off to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ryker in Connecticut along with Aunt Rachel and all the cousins! They had fun playing together and getting to know each other more. We wished we could have stayed longer but Caden was getting too sick. Which brings us to the not so fun part. Christian thankfully only left with a bad cold but poor Caden had to spend a night in the hospital after 4 nights of fever, coughing, stuffy nose, and not eating or drinking much. He ended up with RSV Bronchiolitis and wasn't breathing well so they had him sleep all night with oxygen. Then New Years Eve came and his oxygen levels were better and he was eating and drinking so they let him go home! Yeah! We have since only had one more instance where I have had to take him to the Dr. With RSV he is now more likely to develop asthma so the Dr. wants to make sure we keep a close eye on him any time he gets a cold. So this brings us to now, where we are enjoying being home and relaxing while we wait for this cold weather to leave!