Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's been way to long, but I am back. Yes it is true. No, i'm not kidding (that I know of. A lot can happen between now and tomorrow with 3 boys, but here's to hoping for a long run.) Really, I want to start this blog back up simply because I don't need facebook right now. I gave up facebook for lent and it has proved to be a FANTASTIC thing. I recommend everyone out there give it up. Well.... maybe not to everyone because then facebook would be no longer. But I do encourage everyone to take a break. It was so good to see how much I looked to a website as a means for spending my time. And I found myself in a constant state of comparing. I don't know. That's just me. Plus the fact I felt obligated to be on facebook or people were wondering where I was and if everything was ok. I mean geez! I just didn't post for a few days. I didn't die or anything. :)

So I took a break. I want real connections sometimes. Not superficial ones. And so the Blog is back. To keep people updated while still being connected through cyber space. (Does anyone say that any more??) I'll still visit facebook too. Just not as much so I hope you enjoy these updates. I forgot how much I enjoy posting them. I love looking back at the years and now I have a live journal of some of the greatest parts of our lives! That is what really encouraged me to write some more. If only for my kids to look back and see all these great memories. 

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!