Monday, October 20, 2008


So if you didn't notice Caden has received his first hair cut. (BOO HOO HOO) It was just too long. Longer than Christians hair at this age and I was tired of all the " Oh SHE'S so cute" comments. He did a very good job of staying still. As long as he had food in his hands he was good. We also participated in a walk for Autism held by Autism Speaks. Thank You to all the people who supported our team. We had such a wonderful time. There was so much food and information and fun things for the kids to do that time went by so fast. I think we walked Lowes Motor Speedway 2 times. And I couldn't believe the sweater Grandma Joan made for Christian at 2 fit Caden at 15 months! Amazing how they both are soo different. Like for instance Caden is in love with Thomas. Unlike Christian who literally would run away from the tv crying if Thomas the Tank Engine came on. Don't believe me? Check out this video.
So since Caden loves Thomas so much I made him (and Christian) a blanket out of clearance fabric I found that they use as a mat to play with their trains. They love it! And I do too!:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok I am so behind in writing that my next few posts will more then likely be short and probably a few days/weeks behind. Like this post for instance, it is from our wonderful trip to the Greensboro, NC Children's Museum which we visited on Sept 27th. Ridiculous right? So until I am caught up I am just going to have to do what I gotta do! Back to our trip, it was awesome! We had soooo much fun. Chris was away doing his Model/Acting class so it was a fun day with just me and the boys. Caden loves trains. Thomas is his ultimate best friend right now. As soon as it comes on the TV he is saying Choo choo! (or something that sounds like it) and this museum had the best collection of Thomas and Friends trains that you will ever find. He had a blast! They also played in an indoor sand area. I thought it was great because they had things like Hieroglyphics and fossils hidden under the sand. Christian liked the surfboard the best. As well as the whole front end of an airplane that kids can climb into and explore. Caden enjoyed the slide exit. And my favorite was this room full of balls and things to play with. They ran like wild! I think I put a video so you can also see the red heads mini temper. There was really so much to do that we didn't even tip the iceberg with the amount of fun stored in this building. Both boys didn't even check out the Police car, Fire engine or Race Car, Kitchen, Newsroom, Dentist office, or Doctor office, all with hands on things for them to do. We will have to take another trip. On are way home before naps we were able to hear/see the end of Sen. Obama's visit to downtown Greensboro! What a historical event. We had no idea he was going to be there. We just followed the crowds of people we saw walking around. Christian thought all the big buildings were amazing. I tried to explain how even more amazing the buildings are in New York. He is now so excited to visit this Christmas. He really enjoys big cities. And then it was time for home. What a day! They were beat and so was I! But it was the most fun I have had in a long time with the kids.