Sunday, June 19, 2011


So now I am annoyed! I have noticed for the past week now that the pictures for the Butterfly farm never showed up. I have then tried numerous times to post them as a separate post with obviously no luck....since my blog is STILL without pictures!! Let's hope I don't work myself into irritated! :)

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is there something in my hair....

Today was HOT!!! At 10 am it was 89 degrees and showing no signs of stopping. But that didn't slow us down. We headed to the All-A-Flutter Butterfly farm. We were invited to go with a group of new friends that I have met through working as an Avon Rep. It is such a cute place. The first time we went, Christian was 3 and Caden was too little to remember. But just as years past my boys were eager to be the demonstration stars. Everytime the staff needed a helper both of them fought each other raising there hands. The first held the catapillar and the chyrsllis  in the demonstration of how the butterfly starts from an egg and moves through a cycle. Then they needed to show how the parts of the butterfly work. Like how the knees are how it hears, it tastes with it's feet and it smells with it intenna. Caden was the amazing helper on that one and he took it very seriously. Even with a pair of noses on his head, not a single laugh was made.

Time to go and see the real butterflies! It was beautiful! Nico was not to happy to have these creatures all around him. And Caden was a little shy about it too. Christian loved every minute! Towards the end, Mommy, Caden, and Nico were sitting waiting for Christian to be done, fanning away "killer" bees. Then off to the misting garden! What a relief from the heat and a great end to a great trip.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Something looks familiar.....hmmm. :)

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