Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun In The Sun!

Mmm. Spagetti In the bounce house

So a lot seems to have happened in just a few short weeks since my last posting, so this one might be a bit long. 

Now starting with Caden, since I noticed my last few posts were mostly about Christian, He can now crawl! This is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because he seems less frustrated and able to get where he wants to go but bad because he is into everything.
He is also trying to walk more. If you hold his hands and stand him up, he tries to walk everywhere. He loves to do whatever Christian does and laughs a great "fake" laugh anytime Christian thinks something is funny.

I have also got Caden's picture posted on my favorite childrens clothing line website ZUTANO. It's an old picture because I guess it took awhile for them to post it. Caden is # 383. Christian was also on there from when he was almost 2. Christian's is #254. Check it out! Just click the word ZUTANO!

Christian was able to go to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC. (way in the mountains) which was sooo much fun. It is all about Trains, Cowboys, and Indians.
He was able to ride his first real train and while on the train we met cowboys who tried to rob us and Indians who tried to capture the cowboys.Photobucket
        Some cowboys                         The train

I think I was more excited then him and glad he didn't see the Indian chase a cowboy down the isle of the train with a tomahawk or he would have been crying for the rest of the day. He also rode his first ferris wheel ride. He was sooo brave. He insisted on going so we did and man was it high! I was even scared, but he made it through with me holding on to him for dear life and telling him it was almost over. He didn't even cry. All I was thinking about was the time I went on the zipper with Aunt Anne. Yikes!! I think this ferris wheel was going that fast too!
Ferris wheel view                Me in jail (by christian)    Christian and Nicholas

 And last but not least the 3 day adventure building our wonderful play scape that Great Aunt Anne bought for us. It took a long time but well worth it. We are working on getting a baby swing for Caden so he can enjoy it a bit more but right now he is into the sand table we bought from amazon (Thank you Anne again) for Christians birthday. We put rice in it instead of sand, for 3 reasons. 1.) It's not so bad if it spills in the grass, the birds come and eat it. (No, they won't blow up. I researched it on the internet.) 2.) There can be bad chemicals in the sand. Yuk! and 3.) It's not so bad when Caden puts his hands in his mouth to eat it!

All done!                              The picnic bench                      The slidePhotobucket

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Christian's a Sports Star!

So every Saturday we wake up at 7:30 am and start to get ready for Soccer and Football practice at 9:00 am for Christian. (It's really just an instructional class for kids age 3-6) It's at a nearby field that has a wonderful playground we like to use as a reward for not "beating up" any kids in class. (We have had an incident of Christian and another boy somewhat duking it out over a Hula Hoop used for a drill. Though Grandpa's words of course were, "ALRIGHT!") He is doing pretty well, though I think the most he is taking away from it is patience and listening. The first half hour is soccer. Then snack time followed by some football. They have started to attempt to play an actual game with uniforms, with "attempt" being the strong word here. They definitely look super cute running around in giant outfits and completely unsure of what they are doing. He has fun and that's all that matters.

Team huddle!

Playing a little soccer.