Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boys can paint nails too, right?

I just had to share. I had a fantastic day I never want to forget. After listening to arguing between brothers for most of the day, I declared "Quiet Time." That means I am laying down and they each get a book and they lay down and I read each one of their chosen books. Usually by the end, at least one boy is sleeping. And maybe, just maybe mom will be too. But on this occasion, after reading Thomas the Tank Engine, my oldest says to me, "Mom, can I paint your nails for you? You haven't painted your nails in a while. I can do it for you." My first thought was what a disaster this will turn out to be. But I was literally so tired I just didn't care. " Sure, paint my nails." Next thing I know, my feet are getting rubbed ( with lotion) and I am face down on the floor with a back massage. Seriously?! Is this for real? And then it's time to paint my toes! Not the best choices in colors, but beggars can't be choosers. I think this "Quiet time" needs to happen more often. :)


Robin said...

Love it.

Grandma V. said... nice! Great job, Christian!