Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!!!

What an amazing Holiday it was! I think this may have been the best one yet! Christian was the first to wake at 6:10 am. He was completely over joyed that Santa really did come and didn't leave a lump of coal. He was soo happy he was almost in tears. You could hear it in his voice. It nearly made me cry. Then Caden was next to wake with Christians, "Get up Caden! Santa came!! Get up now!" Little Nico still sleeping was left to dream of sugar plums a little longer til the craziness dyed down about. He tends to get a little overwhelmed with the boys shouting sometimes. Once awake he opened his first present and held on to it until the end of the night. One gift was good enough for him. After stocking and presents it was enjoying our time together as a family and having fun with our presents watching the snow fall in NC. What an amazing Christmas! And I am sure the boys received everything they could have hoped for and dreamed of. Thank you to all our Family and friends for helping to make it such a wonderful Christmas. You all mean the world to us. We hope you have a blessed and fun filled New Year!

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Green Belt, Hieeeyahhh!

Here it is! Finally video of Christian's Green Belt test. This was pretty hard for him but he did it! The youngest one at 5 years old. In one of the videos (#4) you can hear Master Lee explain how this if very difficult to do at five. (I was soooo proud!) And don't forget to look for the great smile from Christian in one of the videos (#5) right after Master You, the owner, put Christian's belt on. Master You also told us after that he was nervous watching him too but as soon as he made it to step seven in the form test he knew Christian had it. After watching the form video (#1) you can see Master You way in the back in RED get up and start to clap right after step seven was done. In Tae Kwon Do you are not suppose to make any noise so it was really cool to see him excited for him. Maybe it was for all of them. Who knows. But I would like to think it was because of my Christian. :) Enjoy!


VIDEO #2 SPARING SELF DEFENSE W/MASTER YOU The owner and 6th degree Black Belt


VIDEO #4 This is where they are quizzed and review their evaluation forms that Chris and I grade on different aspects of Christians overall performance at home/school/with friends and he has to write what he has learned since his last  belt test. This is where MASTER LEE (5TH degree Black Belt) tells him how great it is that he was able to do the 18 step at 5 years old. (still super proud, can you tell?)


The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!