Sunday, October 24, 2010

Veggies.....what do I do?

What are some creative ways to add veggies to recipes so your kids will eat them? Suggestions are obviously welcomed.
My first attempt came out pretty good. I made this Betty Crocker recipe, although I think it was a bit more like cake if you ask me. But the kids did eat it. My only change to the recipe for next time will be to grate the zucchini finer than I did. Christian is just a little to smart. "This is good mom but......what are these green things?" he asked as if he knew it was a vegetable and knowing would ruin the good flavor. And for my reply, "What green things?" :)

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Heather said...


there is a person who wrote a book about this but I can not remember who! She is the wife of someone famous lol like that helps!
anyway I goggled and found this

Nikki said...

oh thank you! I am going to check it out. thanks!

Heather said...

found out today it is Jessica Seinfeld who wrote that book about veggies and hiding them in food