Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Christian's a Sports Star!

So every Saturday we wake up at 7:30 am and start to get ready for Soccer and Football practice at 9:00 am for Christian. (It's really just an instructional class for kids age 3-6) It's at a nearby field that has a wonderful playground we like to use as a reward for not "beating up" any kids in class. (We have had an incident of Christian and another boy somewhat duking it out over a Hula Hoop used for a drill. Though Grandpa's words of course were, "ALRIGHT!") He is doing pretty well, though I think the most he is taking away from it is patience and listening. The first half hour is soccer. Then snack time followed by some football. They have started to attempt to play an actual game with uniforms, with "attempt" being the strong word here. They definitely look super cute running around in giant outfits and completely unsure of what they are doing. He has fun and that's all that matters.

Team huddle!

Playing a little soccer.


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