Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Is Almost Gone

So I decided to tackle the job of painting Christians room and I think it actually turned out pretty good. At least he likes it. We went with Disney's Cars theme. I plan to do Caden's room next which will be Outer space. My goal is to have both boys in the Cars room by Caden's 2nd birthday and then use the Outer Space room as their playroom. We will see how that goes. Each wall is a bright red and orange. (Hard to tell from the pictures) and on one of the walls (the picture to the right with what seems to be a blank spot under a framed picture) we plan to put a tire with chalkboard paint so they can have a chalkboard to draw on. And in the Outer Space room we will use white board paint to make a white board in the shape of a moon. But not until they are a bit older. I'm not so sure dry erase markers come off paint if they miss the "board."

We also just got a grill and have been able to use it a few times before the summer has come to an end. We even had a great time grilling with Grandma Ryker. She came to visit for the weekend and we had a blast! Uncle Mike and his girlfriend were able to come visit with us as well and we decided to go to The Natural Science Center of Greensboro. Of course I forgot my camera so we didn't get any pictures. (Maybe Mary Jo will be so kind and send me some. Hint Hint.) But I did get a picture of how tired Grandma Ryker and Daddy were after a long day. Boy, it sure looks like mother like son. :) Well I think that's it. I do have more pictures but not enough time to write so I will post them all on photobucket if you would like to look at them and when I get another chance I will write a little about those as well. Have a great week!

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