Monday, October 20, 2008


So if you didn't notice Caden has received his first hair cut. (BOO HOO HOO) It was just too long. Longer than Christians hair at this age and I was tired of all the " Oh SHE'S so cute" comments. He did a very good job of staying still. As long as he had food in his hands he was good. We also participated in a walk for Autism held by Autism Speaks. Thank You to all the people who supported our team. We had such a wonderful time. There was so much food and information and fun things for the kids to do that time went by so fast. I think we walked Lowes Motor Speedway 2 times. And I couldn't believe the sweater Grandma Joan made for Christian at 2 fit Caden at 15 months! Amazing how they both are soo different. Like for instance Caden is in love with Thomas. Unlike Christian who literally would run away from the tv crying if Thomas the Tank Engine came on. Don't believe me? Check out this video.
So since Caden loves Thomas so much I made him (and Christian) a blanket out of clearance fabric I found that they use as a mat to play with their trains. They love it! And I do too!:)


Grandma V. said...

Hey-that's not fair-Christian ended up loving Thomas later on-hence why we all bought him the Thomas toys that Caden has now -like the ride-on toy at Christmas one year from Aunt Judy and the countless Thomas trains : ) Where's that video for Fair and Balanced coverage? : ) LOL

Nikki said...

Well, I meant to put "when he was this age." Christian did and does like Thomas now but at the same age as Caden is he did not. Leave it to you to get all Fox News on me! :)