Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

This week has been nothing but rain. I think today was the first sunny day since last Tuesday. But my boys did make the most of it. They played hard in the mud using it to write all over themselves and side down the slide at super fast speed with the help of the rain water.

Nico, still growing, had his first wonderful sleep of 6 straight hours!
YEAH! Other then sleeping, eating, and pooping.....not much going on in his department.

We have also been having a difficult time with ants coming in to the boys playroom and biting us plus crickets sneaking their way in at night or getting stuck under the door frames making all sorts of racket at night. So Chris to hold of the weekend to do some much needed bug spraying. Not a lot because I'm really not a fan but those pesky an
ts kept biting and once they bit my little Caden on the butt.... well something needed to be done. In the morning after all spraying was done and over with, Chris went out side to take the trash out and found a few bugs dead on the patio........including a lovely BLACK WIDOW SPIDER! I was of course freaked out and very glad he decided to spray. Yikes!

On a more funny note, Christian has discovered the awesome old show I used to watch called DOUG and in it is a "super hero" character named Quail Man. He now says he wants to be Quail Man for Halloween. OH BOY! We have sometime to fix that.

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Grandma V. said...

lOMGoodness!! That is a nasty spider! Christian and Caden look like they had lots of fun. Wow Nico is not the newborn anymore-can't wait to see you all! Love you! Grandma Valles.