Friday, January 28, 2011

School Time!

I can't believe it is almost spring. This school year has gone by quick! Usually fridays we don't do as much. It's FRIDAY! So today we made a great paper bag town! It was so cute I had to share! It is from a great magazine Grandma Valles gets them called Highlights High Five. It has great mini stories, games, kid recipes and look and find puzzles. The magazine supplied the cut out for the windows, doors and other decorations. We just needed brown bags and newspaper. This is a great project to do even if you don't have the cut outs. You can just make your own! 

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Drew said...

So am I to assume by the shirtless one that he is playing the part of the town Hobo? or is it the Surfer Dude?

Nikki said...

Yes...that is exactly what he was. The town Hobo in paper bag town. RIDICULOUS!!!!