Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Someone caught me harvesting.

 Well it has been busy! Sorry it's been a while between posts. I have been working a big event in my town know as Furniture Market for the past few days. I love it! But it is hard work. So figured it was high time I post an update on how the garden is actually doing. These pictures are from a few weeks ago. At this point the broccoli is all harvested and cleared out and the sunflowers and peas are growing in, as well as the carrots. The broccoli didn't do so well but for the first time ever growing, I was stoked to have what I got! I think the cold spell we had made for some small crowns but now that i know so much more about the broccoli as a plant, I feel confident my fall crop will be much better. (I guess we will see when the update comes in fall, I may end up eating my words.)

So far, I have had one pest, a rabbit, right in the beginning of planting the lettuce and broccoli so I did buy a fence just high enough so that the cute little bugger wouldn't ruin the whole lot but that I could easily step over. 
The broccoli before it was super bushy! And my awesome fence to keep out silly rabbits!

I have learned so much! Gardening is becoming so much more of a hobby and relaxation for me. I am amazed everyday what I learn when I look up the veggies I plant and read all about them and how they grow and harvest. It is Gods great hand at work! Now all I need are more helpers with weeding and watering other than this girl.......
Lucy.....always trying to get in and help. Not this time lady!

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