Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So fall is here and we are so filled with candy it is ridiculous! I think it is oozing out of my ears. (Or should I say my kids ears!) We had a great time Trick or Treating! (Thanks so much for the Halloween cards Judy. You can check out the video at the bottom of Christian opening his card. It was kinda funny.) I'm sure you can guess what Caden was. A super cute lion! I made the costume with a chicken outfit from the Goodwill and found brown fluffy fabric and wire at a local fabric store.

I cut the "chicken parts" off and made the lion mane around the hood. I added the ears with fabric and some wire to make them stand up and found a little fleece to match and made a cute removable tail for when he would sit in the stroller. Total cost.... 10.00 instead of 30-40.00. That's a way to save some money! And Christian was his favorite Transformer Bumble Bee! He really thought he was going to save the world that night. It was sooo cute! He felt like a real super hero.

We visited a few houses in our friends neighborhood but left early to head to our churches' Trunk-or Treat due to it being way to scary for Christian. Our friend had a haunted house basically in his yard which made Christian only want to close his eyes and cover his ears. I don't blame him. It was SCARY! but leave it to Caden to not have a care in the world. He ran right up to the door through the life size Jason and headless woman with crazy flashing eyes. I think he could smell the candy from a mile away and you know how he is with food. :)

So off to the Trunk-or Treat which is a big thing out here in the south. It is usually done by churches but tons of people go to these. You park your car or truck and decorate it with any theme you can think of and people hand out the candy. Christian had a wonderful time. I think his favorite was the fire truck he was able to get in and honk the horn.
(We have a fire fighter who also attends our church and has let him come visit the fire house so he thinks he lives in these trucks. Anytime he sees one he yells, "That's where Clark lives!" He is a true hero to him. Especially since Clarks pick-up truck was decorated with a hay stack tunnel you climbed through to go down a slide that was attched to the back of his trailer. Very cool!

We also ran into his friends Jeremiah and Josiah who were Batman and Spider man, so I think at that moment he was in superhero heaven!

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K.R.L said...

awwww..ur pics and videos are cute.
I like the video of Caden as a lion. ttyl : )