Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Ready!

So not much has been happening here other than the weathers much much colder! I love it! It has given me a reason to break out the mittens and hats. (I'm sad to say I haven't worn a sweater since moving here. Just doesn't feel cold enough.) We are getting ready to have a nice Thanksgiving here at home. It will be the first Thanksgiving with just our family so I'm excited to see how it goes. Especially with my slight changes to the meal plan. (no Turkey and possibly a green "pea" casserole?) But I think Caden's getting ready for Thanksgiving just for the food. I thought I would add a picture of what Caden decided to eat last week while I was cooking and my back was turned away from the refrigerator. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the the raw egg incident that happened this week. Lets just say it was too much of a mess! But I'm sure you get the idea.


K.R.L said...

eeew..that looks gross..i can only eat butter on toast or something. lol..hope to talk to you again soon. :)

Lovely_Lissa said...

Who bit that!?!?!?!?!? That's disgusting... Lol

2 Bare Feet Boutique said...

That would be caden my food freak! He is much better now but he used to try to get anything and everything from the fridge to eat!