Friday, June 12, 2009

Christian was awesome at his Gymnastic Exhibition. It was on Saturday May 31st. I have been having problems with my computer so these 3 video are all I can post as of now. As soon as it is fixed I will hopefully get the picture of him with his medal. In the first video Christian is showing what they do on the floor. (He is the one in the light blue shirt with dark blue shorts in case it is to blurry to tell.) 

The next video is what they do on the Trampoline. He was the last one to go and they were running late so His turn was a little short. :-) They also do Bars and the Tumble Track but I could not get those videos off my computer which is probably a good thing since by the time he got to that event he was a little crazy jumping bean and kept throwing himself onto mats that he was not suppose to be on.

And this last video is the finish. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did watching him.

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K.R.L said...

cool. wat medal did he get? tell him congrats for me