Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Caden!

What fun! I think Caden's Birthday was the best party we have thrown yet! We were having so much fun I nearly forgot to take pictures! The theme of his party was a "Backyard Beach" We can't see most of my decorations but they were great! I had colorful tiki torch pictures at the front of the playground, a big luau party banner on the fence along with a plam tree and a parrot. and in the windows I had cool tiki masks and a big picture of a tropical jungle covering the door. We had water blasters for every kid, which they were able to take home as their "Goodie bag", the pool, Sand in the sand table, a buzz light year slip and slide and grandmas wonderful gift of a ride on fire truck that holds a 2gallon tank on the back to spray water! Even the adults had fun getting wet! 

The party was going to start at 2 and end at 4 but it has been extremely hot here. We changed the time to 11-1 so we could have some shade for the kids and they wouldn't completely die. Our guests had so much fun that they didn't leave til 4:30! We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and just had a great time hanging out. I thought I was going to have to start feeding them dinner too! :)   What a great time! I hope we can have birthday parties like that every year.

On a side note...As I was looking through the few pictures I did take...I think one of my favorites is the picture of may friends holding the kids. Let me explain. If you notice (in order from left to right) our friend Randy is holding his son Nathan who is 3 (1 month older than Caden) then Emma his wife is holding their 14 month old daughter, Catherine. And last but not least by no means, is My friend Suzette who is holding...NICO! He is 10 months and looks HUGE! I am so glad I have this documentation just in case people don't believe me when I say my kids were huge! And just think, Caden was 6 lbs bigger than he was at this age. Yikes!  I don't know how they grow like that! But i sure do love it! :)

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!

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