Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strawberries!? Where are you?

 Every Memorial Day Weekend we like to take a day and go to Ingrams Farm in High Point to gather buckets full of of strawberries! Strawberries are Caden's fruit of choice and we love to use them for smoothies. Plus....I sure do make a mean Strawberry Pie! Mmmmmm. But unfortunately this years crop was ruined. We have had the most rain/storms this year that I can remember since we have lived here! And they ruined my strawberries! (or at least our picking) In good seasons we are usually guided by some of the members of the family, who own the farm, to special areas to pick our fruit. Once in our row we need only go but a few feet and have a huge bucket full of ripe red berries....but not this year. We were greeted with the owner telling us to," go where ever you like...if you find can keep it!" I tell you what, that was the hardest I have ever worked for strawberries! I really was assuming I would not be doing much of the work so I carried the baby in a sling on my chest and I ended up in the rows on my knees with the baby grabbing leaves and me grabbing anything red and not squishy I could find. Not to mention it was HOT! and this was first thing in the morning! 9:30! The picture of Christian with his bucket shows how many he picked after half an hour in 2 full rows in one field! We arrived with 3 boxes ready to be filled and left at 11:30 with 1 bucket! 1 bucket! I was definetly dissappointed but can only image how the actual family feels. Their season usually runs from end of April to end of July. Hopefully next year will be one of their most profitable years yet! :)

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