Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!

Next stop on the outing list for fall is Kersey Valley Pumpkin Patch. Or I guess it is now Kersey Valley Spooky Woods. We have gone to this place every year and really enjoyed it. The only unfortunate thing this year was they have increased in size so much due to their award winning spooky woods that they now charge way too much and are not very  "mom and pop" any more. I was very disappointed to arrive and have to now pay 5.00 for parking when we have never paid parking in the 4 years we have been and it was not advertised on the website. Then after waiting in an extremely long line (because they are only open Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm) to verify prices (since the price advertised at the farm were not the ones on the website) we come to find out that it doesn't cost anything to get on the property and just buy pumpkins as we suspected and riding the cow train is only 3.00 for unlimited rides and the kid corn maize is free. Too bad all the others in that long line probably have no idea about that since all they see is a price list that states general admission is 10.00 for the big 2 hour Corn maize cow train and jumping pillow. All of which I have no problem paying except I am not one who likes to be scammed or not told all the truth. Especially from a place that was never like that in the first place. Either way we of course made it a wonderful time. I do hope next year they don't completely get rid of the pumpkin part because the kids really love it.

After a great time picking our pumpkins and riding the cow train we headed home to crave the pumpkins Caden picked a nice funny face while Christian of course picked the hardest thing I could possibly do. But I am a mother who aims to please so I did my best. Pumpkin you will be Star Wars Storm trooper if it takes me all day.....thankfully it didn't and I was actually impressed I was able to do it. And Both boys were completely happy. And that makes me happy! :)

For the record, Caden wanted to be the horse, not the sheep.

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is. Don't forget to bookmark and visit anytime for more photos, links and fun!

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