Monday, May 17, 2010

World Class Tae Kwon Do Spring Fling 2010!

Finally posted! The video of Christian doing his first demo. I think he did a pretty awesome job! It was located at World Class Tae Kwon Do Academy in High Point, NC. I have a few other videos that I will post in the side bar of my blog so you will have to visit the actual page to see them. Click here if you are reading this in email to be taken to the blog. They are video of his teachers doing some really neat Black Belt moves! Also..... please feel free to turn the volume waaaaaayyyyy down. The sound in the building is not very good so it is even worse on video. :)

First up is Christians opening before they broke their boards. He is all the way on the right in the video. In the front.... I wish you could have seen his face better. They told him to show everyone your mean face. Soooooo cute!

This is when he breaks the board with his foot. He has never done a break with his foot until that day come to find out. When I showed him this video he said he didn't do it at first because he was afraid it was going to hurt. That also explains the look of "shock" on his face after he did it. It takes a while for him to go because a girl was suppose to go before him and got a little shy so his teacher tells christian to go first. In case it is to loud to hear he says, "My name is Christian. I am five years old. When I grow up I want to be a Lego Master."

And last I thought it would be fun to share a video that shows a little more about the masters and what they do at the Academy. Christian is not in this video. This was made before Christian was a student there but it is one of his favorites to watch. Hope you enjoy!

The life and times of a mother of 3.......boys that is.
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Heather said...

awesome be proud of that lil guy!~ I am sure you are anyway :)
great job keeping all of us people up to date on those boys!